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Activities of Y. K. SHUKLA FOUNDATION for 2001-02

Activities of the Y. K. Shukla Foundation for 2001-02.

The Foundation, as part of its proactive philosophy, conducts workshops covering an array of subjects. It is the Foundation's endeavour to seek the participation of a cross section of the artist, architect, and artisan community: a cross section cutting across generations.

Workshop 1, Graphics (Lino-cut)

The first workshop of the Foundation was held at C. N. College of Fine Arts in January 2000. Three generations comprising students, faculty members at C.N., and senior artists participated. The work executed at the Workshop was exhibited at Contemporary Art Gallery, Ahmedabad.

Workshop 2, Graphics (Etching)

The Foundation has finalised details for a workshop on Etching. The Workshop shall be held at Kanoria Art Centre, Ahmedabad between 1st and 10th December, 2001.
The workshop shall see participation from artists such as Rajesh Sagara, Randheer Vasavada, C. K. Murli, Anant Mehta, Vrundavan Solanki, Bharat Patni and Walter D'Souza from Ahmedabad, Jeram Patel, Vinod Shah, Girish Khatri, Vijay Bagodi and Jyoti Bhatt from Vadodara, Avinash Thakkar from Rajkot and Yusuf from Bhopal.

The workshop is being coordinated by Ms. Sharmila Sagara of the Kanoria Art Centre.

The Foundation shall provide Zinc plates (13" x 10") for etching and all other related accessories. Given the expertise and the stature of the participants, two plates per person is the minimum the Foundation has planned for.
One day has been set aside to showcase the work(s) executed during the workshop.

The participants are also invited to bring along any documentation (slides, prints, catalogues, etc.) that they would like to share with other participants.

Further details of the workshop are available from Mr. Kartik Shukla (Phone (+91) 79 685 4633) or Ms. Sharmila Sagara at the Kanoria Art Centre, Ahmedabad (Phone (+91) 79 644 6391, 644 8727).

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