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Y. K. Shukla Foundation

What is the Y K Shukla Foundation for Art, Architecture and Heritage?

The Y.K.Shukla Foundation for Art, Architecture, and Heritage is a sonís homage to a father. The Foundation shall actively promote the development of art and architecture. It proposes to do so by disseminating information in a structured manner. The Foundation, as part of its pro-active philosophy, shall conduct numerous workshops covering an array of subjects. It shall be the Foundationís endeavour to seek the participation of a cross section of the artist, architect, and artisan community; the cross section shall cut across generations.
- Kartik Shukla

A brief biography of Y K Shukla (by Vasudeo Smart)
Critiques of the Art of Y K Shukla (various authors)
Thumbnails of Works of Y K Shukla (currently 34)
Activities of Foundation: Plan for 2001-02
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